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Do I need to hire a lawyer for an Illinois traffic ticket?

You should always seek legal advice when you get a traffic ticket in Illinois.

You may have been told that you can mail in your ticket and guilty plea. No driver should enter into any plea without fully understanding the consequences of a conviction. By mailing in this guilty plea, you are agreeing to a conviction on your record. This could result in higher insurance rates and have negative effects on your driving record. The legal system can be confusing. Having legal representation could make a huge difference in the outcome depending on the circumstances of your case.

Receiving a traffic ticket and having to appear in court can be inconvenient and stressful. Having an experienced and approachable Illinois traffic lawyer can help to ease the burden and anxiety while getting you the best outcome. We may be able to reduce or completely eliminate any negative effects on your driver’s license and/or insurance rates.

Do I have to come to court?

Your traffic ticket should indicate whether you are required to appear in court. In some circumstances, a court appearance is not required. However, there are dangers of mailing in your ticket and pleading guilty as discussed above (conviction, higher insurance rates, etc).

If your ticket shows that you are required to attend court, you must show up on the date on your ticket. However, if you hire an attorney, they may be able to appear on your behalf. In most circumstances, an attorney can resolve the matter without you having to appear in court.

If you wish to plead not guilty and have a trial, you will need to be present at the time of trial. All other communications and meetings should be able to take place virtually or by phone. 

Will my driver’s license be suspended?

A traffic ticket may result in the suspension of your license. 

In Illinois, drivers over the age of 21 will have their license suspended if they receive three or more moving violation convictions within 12 months. Drivers who have three or more convictions will have their license suspended for a minimum of three months. Illinois drivers under the age of 21 will have their license suspended if they receive two moving violation convictions within 24 months. 

For out-of-state drivers, please refer to the laws of your state regarding license suspension. There are certain states that have different rules regarding convictions and how they will affect your driving record. 

Driving on a suspended license is a criminal offense and could lead to serious consequences. It is best to consult with an attorney to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation and avoid a license suspension. 

Will this have an impact on my insurance rates?

A conviction for an Illinois traffic ticket will most likely increase your insurance rates. This will depend on your policy and the nature of the offense. All insurance companies and policies are different. Typically, insurance companies will not raise your rates if your case is dismissed or you receive court supervision. 

Consult with an Illinois traffic attorney or your insurance company to determine the possible effects on your insurance rates. 

What happens if I miss my court date? 

If you miss your court date, there are several possible outcomes depending on your situation.

The judge could issue a warrant for your arrest. If a warrant is entered, you will most likely be arrested if you come into contact with law enforcement and are identified. If you think you have a warrant, you should consult with an attorney. It is possible to get the warrant removed and handle your case without being arrested. 

A conviction may also be entered in your absence. If this happens, you will have a conviction on your record and face potential consequences as a result. If a conviction is entered, an attorney may file a motion to reopen the case to remove the conviction from your record. This allows your attorney to handle the case properly and get the best possible outcome. 

If you missed your court date, contact an attorney to determine the status of your case and possible options. 

I have a CDL. What are my best options?

CDL drivers potentially face more serious consequences than other drivers. Traffic tickets for CDL drivers could potentially result in a loss of employment. If you are ticketed and hold a CDL, contact an attorney immediately to determine the best possible outcome for your situation. DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR TICKET! 

Getting a conviction, or even court supervision, on a traffic ticket could result in the suspension of your commercial driver’s license.  It is important to contact an experienced Illinois traffic ticket defense attorney to help with your case.

How much are Illinois traffic tickets?

Petty traffic tickets in Illinois are punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

The amount of the fine will depend on the circumstances of your situation. If you are looking to receive court supervision, there are certain court fees and assessments that will be added to the overall cost of your ticket.

You must also consider the impact of the ticket on your insurance rates. A conviction for a traffic ticket could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in increased insurance rates. The cost of paying a ticket without hiring an attorney or going to court may end up being more costly in the long run. 

Consult with an Illinois traffic attorney before making any decisions on your ticket!

Traffic Offenses

CDL Traffic Violations
Cell Phone Use While Driving
Disobeying a Traffic Control Device
Driving with a Revoked License
Driving with a Suspended License
Driving Without a Valid License
Driving Without Valid Insurance
Failure to Reduce Speed / Accident
Failure to Secure a Child Passenger
Failure to Signal
Failure to Yield
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
Following Too Closely
Illegal Transportation of Alcohol
Illegal Transportation of Cannabis
Improper Lane Usage
Improper U-Turn
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Nighttime Driving Restrictions
Overweight Truck Violations
Passing a School Bus
Reckless Driving
Running a Red Light / Stop Sign
Seat Belt Violations
Speeding in a School Zone
Speeding in a Construction Zone

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