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As a former Pulaski County prosecutor, I know how inconvenient a speeding ticket can be. My guess is that you were passing through and got stopped on Interstate 57. It is notorious for being very heavily patrolled by the local and state police. You may have even heard of the “Pulaski County speed trap.” The good news is that most of these types of tickets can be handled by a Pulaski County Illinois traffic lawyer without you having to appear in court. Let Illinois Traffic Help take care of your ticket for you. 

A speeding ticket could result in points added to your license, cost you a lot of money in increased insurance premiums and require you to appear in court (depending on the ticket). Speeding tickets in Pulaski County, Illinois come with high fines and court costs. Depending on your driving record, this could also result in a license suspension. Our firm can help you to figure out the possible penalties and best solution for your case.

You may have been told by the officer that you can sign your ticket and mail it in to plead guilty. By doing this, you will have a conviction on your driving record which could have harsh penalties as a result. We know that it is inconvenient to come to court and that may seem like an easy option.

Please consult with a traffic lawyer before mailing in your ticket. Many of these tickets can be handled without a court appearance. As a prosecutor, the complaint I heard from people every single week was that they wish they did not have to come back for court. You can avoid this by hiring our office to fight your Pulaski County traffic ticket! 

We have provided information on our Illinois Traffic FAQ page to answer some questions that you may have about your traffic ticket. However, we welcome you to call us with any questions and we will answer them for you. We offer a free consultation with an attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and provide any information you may need. Our goal is to help guide you through this process and get you the best result possible.

If you have any questions about your case, please book an appointment with our Pulaski County Illinois traffic lawyers with our easy-to-use online scheduling system, or call us at (618) 607-4200 for a free consultation!

At Illinois Traffic Help, we make sure that our clients are taken care of and feel comfortable throughout the process. We strive to make sure that all calls and interactions with our office staff and our attorneys are always welcoming and pleasant. We know that getting a speeding ticket is a stressful situation. Our goal is to help you save as much money and time as possible.

Let us fight for you! 

Traffic Offenses

CDL Traffic Violations
Cell Phone Use While Driving
Disobeying a Traffic Control Device
Driving with a Revoked License
Driving with a Suspended License
Driving Without a Valid License
Driving Without Valid Insurance
Failure to Reduce Speed / Accident
Failure to Secure a Child Passenger
Failure to Signal
Failure to Yield
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
Following Too Closely
Illegal Transportation of Alcohol
Illegal Transportation of Cannabis
Improper Lane Usage
Improper U-Turn
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Nighttime Driving Restrictions
Overweight Truck Violations
Passing a School Bus
Reckless Driving
Running a Red Light / Stop Sign
Seat Belt Violations
Speeding in a School Zone
Speeding in a Construction Zone

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