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Avoid Court Appearances, Higher Insurance Rates and License Suspension!

Illinois Traffic Help is a law firm that serves people charged with traffic offenses in southern Illinois. Regardless of whether you were charged with speeding, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license or any other traffic offenses, we can help. 

Southern Illinois is notorious for giving traffic tickets, especially on Interstate-57 and in Pulaski County. These areas are heavily patrolled by both local and state police officers. If you Google “Pulaski County speeding ticket,” you will probably find articles about the Pulaski County speed trap. 

If you are pulled over and given a citation, it could result in higher insurance fees and having to spend time and money traveling to fight your ticket. The good news is that many of these tickets can be handled without having to appear in court if you hire an attorney. 

If you would like our office to handle your speeding ticket, please book an appointment with our easy-to-use online scheduling system or call (618) 607-4200.

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