This is a law firm website. I think it’s pretty obvious that the purpose of this website is to get you to call in and hire us to defend your case. We put together this dope website with awesome graphics, fonts, and colors to make us look extra cool. We hate doing stuff like this, but we have to cover. a few things:

1. The information on this site is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Not until we sign on that dotted line, baby! Honestly, if we have an attorney-client relationship, you’ll know it. When I’m someone’s attorney, they know it! I’ll be calling and sending over sweet documents and some money will be changing hands. We can even do one of those cool, parking lot handshake deals like in the movies. 

2. Don’t send us any confidential information until we are officially in an attorney-client relationship. It’s like dating. You wouldn’t spill all your deepest darkest secrets on the first date. Give it some time. At least take me to dinner before you start mailing me your tickets and private info. Relax. Take it slow. We’ve got time. Keep your confidential information to yourself until the time is right. 

3. We will post links to other sites from time to time. We are not responsible for the content on those sites. I don’t control the internet, just my small corner of it. I am working on a plan to do so, but until then…click at your own risk. We’re not going to post links to things we think are dangerous or harmful, but you never know. I ate an oatmeal cookie once thinking it was chocolate chip and have had trust issues ever since. 

4. It’s possible that there is some outdated information on this site. There are updates in the law every single day so there’s a possibility that we missed some stuff. We would love to have a team of robots and tech gurus updating information in real time, but we’re only human. Please do not rely on this information in place of consulting with an attorney. 

Whew! We did it! Now, back to our regularly scheduled program

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