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If you got pulled over, arrested or in an accident in Illinois, we can help! 

Illinois Traffic Help believes in making sure that you get the best outcome possible without all the hassle. When you get a speeding ticket, a lot of things come to mind. How is this going to affect my driving record? Will my insurance rates go up? 

When you hire us, we make sure to keep you informed and help get all the answers you need to make you feel at ease. We work hard to understand your situation and get the best outcome for you. 

About Julian Watkins

Julian Watkins is not your average attorney. 

When people think about attorneys, most people think of serious, uptight guys in business suits. Not Julian. If he’s wearing a suit, he’ll probably have on a pair of bright red Chuck Taylors. 

Julian has been described as a chameleon. If he’s not defending you in court, you might find him performing with his band or traveling the country to perform in rap battles (ask him about being on MTV!). Julian is also a professional speaker and has even spoken on the TEDx stage.

You’re probably here to hear about legal stuff thought, right?

As an attorney, Julian has worked in the areas of corporate law, criminal defense and divorce, but the majority of his experience is with traffic violations. As a prosecutor in the Pulaski County, Illinois courthouse, Julian prosecuted thousands of traffic tickets and learned the ins and outs of the system. 

Now, Julian works to fight for you and provide professional legal representation without all the anxiety and stress. If you hire Julian to represent you, you can feel at ease that you are in good hands. 

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